Shenzhen World Ready for Launch with its Official Completion Ceremony


On September 25th, Shenzhen World project has successfully passed the fire bureau inspection. On the morning of September 28th, the grand Completion Ceremony was held in Lobby 2, which marked the official completion of Shenzhen World and its readiness for use.


The grand ceremony has welcomed the presence of Mr. Wang Weizhong, deputy party secretary of the Guangdong province, and party secretary of the Shenzhen Municipality, Mr. Chen Rugui, deputy secretary and mayor of the Shenzhen Municipality, Mr. Yang Hong, member of the Standing Committee and the Party group of the municipal Party committee, as well as the commander-in-chief of the Shenzhen World Construction Headquarter Office, Mr. Liu Zhida, deputy secretary-in-chief of the Shenzhen Municipality and the executive deputy commander-in-chief of the Shenzhen World Construction Headquarter Office, other relevant government authorities from the city level and the Bao’an district; Mr. Li Jianhong, chairman and the party secretary of the China Merchants Group, Mr. Wang Cuijun, deputy General Manager and member of the Party committee of the China Merchants Group, Mr. Xu Yongjun, chairman, party secretary and general manager of CMSK, Mr. Nie Liming, deputy general manager of CMSK and general manager of CMSK Shenzhen, Mr. Ma Jun, deputy manager of CMSK Shenzhen and general manager of SOC Operations, Mr. Duan Xiannian, chairman and Party secretary of the OCT Group, Mr. Zhang Liyong, standing committee member and deputy general manager of the OCT Group, Mr. Ni Mingtao, General Manager of the OCT South China Group, Mr. Lv Tao, Deputy General Manager of the OCT South China Group; Mr. Zhou Yong, Deputy General Manager and Party member of the China State Construction and Engineering Corporation, together with responsible members for the relevant enterprises for operation, who have together launched the event and witnessed the rise of the “Exhibition+” New Era.


Mr. Wang Weizhong, Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee speaking at the Completion Ceremony


Mr. Chen Rugui, mayor of Shenzhen moderating the Completion Ceremony


Mr. Liu Zhida, Executive Deputy Commander-in-chief of Shenzhen World Construction Headquarter Office, speaking at the ceremony

Shenzhen World is the largest single-block building ever constructed in Shenzhen. A total of 1.21 million square meters of land is dedicated for it, with a total floor area of 1.605 million square meters. In terms of indoor exhibition, the area is 400,000 square meters. Shenzhen World will emerge as the largest venue in the world upon its full completion of construction. As important infrastructure in the exhibition and convention industry and a milestone project impacting Shenzhen’s development in the future 100 years to come, Shenzhen World is a significant decision of the municipal government. It is established as a symbol of the city’s efforts to fully advance the building a demonstration area, embodiment of the actual practices of the city to further play out the dual motivation roles from building the Greater Bay Area and the demonstration area. It is a special gift we present to our motherland on the occasion of her 70th anniversary. As the venue gets officially handed over for operation, it will elevate the standards of infrastructure in the industry in Shenzhen tremendously, lead high-quality service in the modern era, take over the zenith of the industry for Shenzhen, and create a capital of international exhibitions and conventions shoulder to shoulder with Hanover and Shanghai. Such strategies will all help to lay a solid foundation for fostering a new growth pole in the new economy and leave far-reaching importance for Shenzhen to have a highland with comprehensive openness, boost development of the Greater Bay Area and construct a demonstration zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics.


To realize the international goals of “first class design, first class construction and first class operation”, the project has innovatively adopted the model of “Building, Operation and comprehensive Development”, also known as the BOD. CMSK has stood out with is strength, mission and senses of responsibility, to join hands with OCT and take over development, construction and operation tasks of this mega project, and officially kicked off the foundation laying ceremony on September 28th, 2016.

As the world’s largest exhibition and convention to be, the functionality of the venue, complexity of the structure, tightness of the schedule, and difficulty of the design are all but self-evident. In face of such a gigantic project, only 22 members are equipped to the project team. And the streamlined structure of this elite dagger squad has fully embodied the Shekou spirit advocating “Time is money and efficiency, life”, risen with the early sunrise and worked hard day and nights against all challenges, tracking timeline of the progress and overcoming difficulties in joint efforts. Great success has been achieved in all the critical points like the construction application, tendering and procurement, design management and onsite management. It is they that have accomplished this mission impossible in less than 3 years of time.

To become the world’s first class, you have to withstand grave challenges from all fronts, the humid sea wind in the subtropical monsoon climate in South China, the foundation filled in with pebbles and rocks among the reclaimed land, the severe typhoon ravaging against the bad weather, which together pose great threats. Our frontline exhibitioners fearlessly rose up to the challenges and continued to work for the better with dedication and determination to secure high-quality and high-standard construction. On September 16th, 2018, the Super Typhoon Mangkhut swept across Shenzhen. At that time, Shenzhen World was still a baby in the cradle, with its roof just lifted a bit. It was a very vulnerable phase of Shenzhen World in a very unfriendly environment close to the coast, however, we have survived the test and withstood the typhoon with zero damage to the metal roof structure. We have every reason to live up to the applause of the “first-class construction”!


So far, construction of Shenzhen World has been officially completed. The five core functions of “exhibitions, conventions, entertainment, sports games and F&B” are all secured in the area to satisfy various needs for different large-scale events. In addition, the supporting commercial development covering a total construction area of 1543000 square meters is also partly completed. The Guozhan Interchange Engineering is fully accomplished. Roads in the precinct area of Shenzhen World are ready for traffic. In the meanwhile, the ancillary municipal buildings and constructions such as commercial areas are also being advanced at full speed, aimed at creating an exhibition-friendly environment for the opening in November.

With the birth of this masterpiece of the times, Shenzhen World will become the stage for the world at the future heart of the bay area; it will be the fantastic meeting place of the city. The exhibition and convention industry in Shenzhen will enter into a brand new era. The establishment of the new venue will also boost leap-frog development of the city exhibition and convention industry, and help Shenzhen emerge in the league of the world’s leading exhibition and convention centers.

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