Shenzhen World’s First Show Coming!​B Expo and EeIE Together Make Brilliant Appearance


On September 28th, Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center has held its grand completion ceremony, marking the official operation in practice. During November 4th to 6th, Shenzhen World is about to draw up the curtains for its first two concurrent shows of the 2019 Bao’an Industry Development Expo (B Expo) and the Shenzhen International Intelligent Equipment Industry Expo and the Shenzhen International Electronic Equipment Industry Expo (EeIE).

A New Beginning for B Expo in a New Building with a New Plan

This year, the B Expo has taken up Hall 2 and Hall 4 in Shenzhen World, covering a total space of 40,000 square meters, with seven big exhibition areas for intelligent manufacturing, emerging industries, Sino-German Cooperation, etc. The Expo is themed under “GBA Core Engine, Innovative Horizon, and Shared Homeland”, and displayed innovative achievements of Bao’an, adhering to new development philosophies and ushering high-quality development under the guidance of the Belt and Road Initiative as well as the GBA National Strategy. It’s clear that Bao’an, enjoying the privileged geographic location, industry advantages and technological advantages, will continue to lead in strategic emerging industries, electronics and information industry, supported by equipment manufacturing and other traditional industries complemented by comprehensive high-end service industries, help industries in Bao’an to grow its businesses across the world and emerge as significant engines for development of the whole Greater Bay Area.

It is said that this B Expo will set up some brand new “competitive” sectors, ten industrial chain exhibition areas, which will display typical achievements in ten key areas including integrated circuit, 5G, mobile phones, LED, laser, etc., in a concentrated fashion. A plethora of international or national champion or influential products will be displayed to highlight the solid industry development foundation as well as the supporting facilities Bao’an enjoys, to accelerate an agglomerated, scale-based development of the industry and hence foster new growth areas in the region.

In 2019, B Expo also sticks to a focus of pioneering in intelligent manufacturing. It has demonstrated the innovative fruit harvested thanks to following the national deployment of the Belt and Road Initiative as well as the Greater Bay Area strategy, adhering to the new development philosophies and persisting in high-quality development. The geographic advantages, industry advantages and technological advantages of Bao’an are well reflected in every manner of the exhibition.

In addition to the above, this B Expo will also set up a Sino-Deutsch (Euro) Cooperation Demonstration Area, invite more German (European) enterprises over and promote more in-depth and extensive partnership between enterprises in between through this B Expo platform. Such acts have actually fully demonstrated the decision of Bao’an District to advance its partnership with high-end enterprises in Germany (Europe) and further go abroad to achieve more sophisticated progress in the global industrial chain, value chain and innovation chain.

This B Expo will continue to closely follow the trend of the industry, carry out communication fairs that are both in-depth and comprehensive in nature, promote commercialization of the advanced technologies and realize fast transition and upgrading of industries in Bao’an, so as to establish a better platform for local hi-tech enterprises to go abroad and a convenient bridge for partnership in the hi-tech industry.

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In order to actively advocate green exhibitions and ride the trend of low carbon development, this B Expo has explored its advantages in green and recyclable materials as well as short construction period to practice green booth construction, encourage green exhibition and green dismantling, and usher for a new exhibition and convention era of green development.

EeIE Joining Hands with New Venue to Create Top-notch Hi-Tech Feast

In addition to the fascinating highlights B Expo offers, the concurrent EeIE also has a lot of attractions worthy of observation. From November 4th to 6th, the 5th Shenzhen International Intelligent Equipment Industry Expo and the 8th Shenzhen International Electronic Equipment Industry Expo is held in Hall 1 and Hall 3 of Shenzhen World. By then, 7 big exhibition areas with more than 500 exhibitors in 40,000 square meters of exhibition space will welcome and interact with more than 300 host buyer groups and tens of thousands of exhibitors. It is said that this EeIE will cover seven major themes including intelligent robots, automation, synthesized integration, core components, SMT and the ancillary facilities, laser, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence as well as other smart equipment.

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EeIE 2019, as the first intelligent manufacturing related exhibition in Shenzhen World has the theme of the year as “Intelligence changing the future and industry promoting development”, and endeavors to display to the visitors industry trends in a more comprehensive and advanced manner. As EeIE marks a signpost for development of equipment manufacturing in Southern China, its encounter with Shenzhen World will definitely ignite lots of dazzling sparkles.

This EeIE 2019 will be focused on 7 major areas, join hands with big brand names like ABB, KUKA, FANUC, UR, Epson, Schneider, Nidec, Batian, Huashu, Alite, Huasheng Control as well as multiple integration companies, to present targeted solutions and products.

Apart from special areas for robots and smart system, there are also seven featured zones for smart factory with intelligent assembly lines for mobile manufacturing, SMT innovation demo zone, laser technology and intelligent manufacturing, high-end processing equipment zone, Industrial Internet zone, artificial intelligence zone, etc. All the amazing highlights are worthy to be awaited.

To embrace the 5G era, this EeIE also sets up a demo area for the most avant-guard 5G intelligent production lines for smart phones which equipment enterprises can use and issue their new products, provide mobile manufacturers with the most cutting-edge facilities for 5G, seize the opportunities and together promote development of the 5G mobile phone industry in the Greater Bay Area.

With 8 years of development, EeIE has already become a must-see for many electronics and intelligent manufacturing companies. It is in every sense a platform and a signpost for enterprises to learn about new trends, new technologies, processing techniques, exchanges of ideas and procurement of the industry. This year, the organizing committee will use an advanced visitor invitation system to invite leading enterprises in 3C electronics, automotive electronics, household appliances, etc., and quality host buyers to the show for visit and procurement, and try to push this industry feast to a new high. Concurrent with the exhibitions, more than 10 themed events will be held for get-together of the industry experts and engineers to discuss industry trends, share industry resources and forge industry future patterns.

It’s never a coincidence to have this encounter of B Expo, EeIE and Shenzhen World. Ever since construction, Shenzhen World has been sticking to a green and smart venue development path, which is exactly in line with the green sustainable development philosophies of B Expo and EeIE.



(Fig: Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center)

Shenzhen World has been adhering to an international philosophy and first-class design, first-class construction and first-class operation, customizing mature environment-friendly technologies, techniques and experiences to the construction and operation of the new venue. In the end, 52 world’s leading green development technologies have been applied to guarantee the venue assets an edge in green and sustainable development, which can further support its pursuit to be the world’s first venue with three green certificates, i.e., National Green Construction, Level 2, first in China, LEED-NC Gold, first in the world, in exhibition and convention industry, and BREEAM, first in the world, in exhibition and convention industry. In the meanwhile, the venue’s practices in green development are not limited to application of the construction techniques, but also in the long-term operation where green operation and sustainable operation will be further upheld and advocated.

Regarding digital and smart development, Shenzhen World has set its goals for a digital, smart and intelligent future through partnership with leading companies like Huawei, Tencent, China Telecom, Accenture, etc. With establishment of a highly integrated smart system and smart platform, Shenzhen World is all out to build a new-generation representative smart venue in the world.


Shenzhen World, born in the Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, can on one hand, empower B Expo and EeIE in a tremendous fashion, help them reach higher standards in magnitude and influence, and on the other hand, mark a brilliant answer sheet to B Expo and EeIE given its own integration of the cutting-edge high-tech highlights. Everything you can imagine about the future smart manufacturing and green development can be found here in one way or another. And all these shiny points also make the most heated discussions of the two concurrent expos.

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(Fig: Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center)



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