​Shenzhen World in Operation Debut to Welcome First Batch of International Guests


On November 4th, the opening ceremony of Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center as well as the 2019 Bao’an Industry Development Expo (hereinafter referred to as B Expo)& Shenzhen Intelligent Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as EeIE) has been held in the south lobby of the venue in a grand fashion. Mr. Wang Weizhong, deputy party secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee has announced the official launch of the 2019 B Expo & EeIE in the new venue of Shenzhen World. Mr. Chen Rugui, mayor of Shenzhen Municipality has given the opening remarks. Mr. Wang Cuijun, deputy general manager of China Merchants Group has delivered his speech on behalf of the venue constructor and operator.

Mr. Chen states that Shenzhen is earnestly carrying out the spirit of the 4 plenum of the 19th CPC Party Committee, seizing the historic opportunities powered by two engines of the development of the Greater Bay Area as well as the Demonstration Area for socialism with Chinese characteristics. Shenzhen will dedicate the energy of the whole city to advancing such development and making Shenzhen a highland for high quality development, a role model for the rule of law and morality, a bellwether seeking people’s happiness and a pioneer advocating sustainable development. Shenzhen will take the operation of the venue as a new starting point, ushering for an international, market-oriented, professional and brand-based future for exhibitions, take the initiative to eye at the best standards in the world, and try its best to realize first-class asset, first-class management and first-class services, to set up a world class platform for exhibitions and conventions influencing the bay area, serving the country and facing the world. Efforts will be made to further strengthen the stimulating effects of Shenzhen as a core engine city.


Mr. Wang Cuijun, General Manager of China Merchants Group comments that as Shenzhen’s exhibition and convention industry marches toward a more international and brand-based future with a growing scale, China Merchants Group and the OCT Group will also continue to join hands and take it a responsibility of themselves to boost the competitiveness of Shenzhen’s and China’s exhibition and convention industry and get it into the world’s top rank, constantly upgrading the service quality and customer experiences and generating continuous value for clients across the globe.


On the morning, the International CEO Communication Meeting for the Development of Shenzhen’s Exhibition and Convention Industry was held in Shenzhen World. Mr. Li Zhuowen, Deputy General Secretary of Shenzhen Municipality, Mr. Zhou Mingwu, Deputy Director of Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Ms. He Zhimei, Director of the Trade in Services Division, Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Mr. Zhang Dongyan, Director of the Bao’an District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Mr. Su Jianzhong, Deputy Director of Bao’an Airport New Town Development Center, together with representatives from renowned enterprises in the industry such as Informa Markets, GL Events Group, Reed Expo, Messe Frankfurt, Koelnmesse, Deustche Messe, ASM Global, Jwc Consultancy, etc. have attended the meeting, to together discuss the future development and plan of exhibition and convention industry in Shenzhen.

In the sharing session, international organizers have all expressed their hopes for the future with their businesses moving to Shenzhen World. Conversations have covered the industry environment, policy support, talent cultivation, etc., and sparkled a lot of wisdom. The organizers have showed willingness to advance their business development in Shenzhen World, and together boost industry prosperity toward a greater future. All the international delegates have provided positive feedback on Shenzhen World at its debut, commenting that the venue infrastructure and design merits have really impressed them. In the meanwhile, as they are aware that the venue is actively exploring innovations like the world leading smart service platform, they share strong confidence in the prospect of the venue.


The 2019 B Expo and EeIE have had their grand opening in Shenzhen World on the same day. This B Expo was held in Hall 2 and 4 in Shenzhen World, featuring a total exhibition space of 40,000 square meters, under the theme of “GBA Core Region, an Innovative Horizon and a Shared Homeland”. Seven exhibition areas such as intelligent manufacturing, Sino-Germany (Euro) Cooperation Demonstration area, are set up to attracting more quality enterprises and high-caliber talents, accelerate openness of Bao’an District, boost agglomeration of world-class advanced manufacturing industries, and set up an innovative highland empowered by creativity and high-quality development. The 2019 EeIE has focused on its goal to build the world’s No.1 intelligent equipment show themed under “intelligence changes the future and industry promotes development”, and prioritize a display of leading companies and cutting-edge technologies in intelligent manufacturing.

At this exciting debut, the new venue has empowered the expos with a number of pleasing highlights.

Throughout the design, construction and operation phases, Shenzhen World has been committed to a green philosophy to build a green venue and advocate green booth construction and green trade fairs. Taking advantage of this excellent platform, the B Expo this year has realized a leapfrog development in its display experiences. Green philosophy has also been reflected in an all-round way from booth design, material selection, move-in construction, etc. The green practices have been actively implemented from drawing review in the outset to booth break-down toward the end. The organizer of the B Expo has also made full use of the rigging system in the venue, deliberately designed a green booth demonstration area to advocate the philosophy of green development.

In order to upgrade customer experiences on all fronts, Shenzhen World has launched its smart service platform, a mini program for Shenzhen World, which has generated extensive positive feedback. Thanks to the mini program, the venue can comprehensively facilitate visitors’ needs. With your thumbs clicking on the phone, a wide range of services from venue navigation, catering guidance, business travel, courier services, business center, Wi-Fi access, etc., can be realized at a button’s distance.

As a massive venue, Shenzhen World has also incorporated considerate designs which have successfully made the big small. Four commercial outlets of catering vendors and convenience stores along the central corridor have opened on the first day. KFC, 7-11, drinking outlet, and cafes have strongly boosted experiences for exhibitors and visitors alike and received a lot of praises.


Shenzhen World, as a milestone project affecting Shenzhen’s development in the future century, is a highly crucial infrastructure to the exhibition and convention industry. It is the actual embodiment of Shenzhen’s efforts to avail of the dual engines of the demonstration area for socialism with Chinese characteristics and the establishment of the Greater Bay Area. With its official operation, Shenzhen World will tremendously accelerate infrastructure standards in Shenzhen’s exhibition and convention industry, lead high-quality development in modern services, attract more intentional brand shows and launch Shenzhen as a renowned capital for events across the globe. It will further promote development of the upstream and downstream industries, advance industrial structure upgrading and facilitate take-off of the GBA economy.



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