Shenzhen World Embraces Its First International Conference


Since its official launch and successful first show, Shenzhen World has yet to embrace its first international conference. During November 14th to 16th, the 2019 International Youth Innovation Conference will be held in Hall 2 at Shenzhen World, where international high-standard services will be provided.


Theme of the conference this year is “Youth Innovation and Sustainable Development”. Supported by the joint efforts of the Shenzhen committee of the communist youth league, Shenzhen technology innovation committee, United Nations Development Program, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, United Nations Population Fund, etc. Altogether, more than 1500 youth delegates from around 100 countries across the world have attended the conference, which consists of a grand opening, a keynote speech themed under “youth innovation and sustainable development”, President Forum, Shenzhen Demonstration Area serial forum, three major industries forum (AI, environmental protection, bio medicine), “Shenzhen in Action”——Shenzhen supporting global sustainable development innovation program selection campaign, match-making for UN sustainable development programs, youth investment promotion 4.0, and the international youth innovation conference innovation programs, etc.


Based on the foundation built up over the previous two conferences, this year, the conference adopts a brand new conference pattern integrating “forums + exhibitions”. The display areas for programs take up 20,000 square meters, which is divided into the international technology program area, the sustainable youth development program area, the hi-tech enterprises area, and the investment service area, etc. The meeting delegates and visitors can experience quality overseas sustainable development programs up close and directly get a feel of the leading trends and latest achievements in the sustainable development field all over the world.


01.jpg(Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center)

Super Venue Functionality Meets High-level Meeting Standards

As a world top class mega exhibition and convention complex, Shenzhen World has a lot more to offer than advanced and professional exhibition space and facilities. The comprehensive set of meeting, catering, transportation and parking services together demonstrates the hard-core competitiveness of Shenzhen World.


Shenzhen World boasts 32,000 square meters of meeting facilities and more than 150 meeting rooms in different specifications which can be found in all exhibition halls, North and South Ballrooms, as well as the South foyer. Equipped with advanced meeting facilities, these meeting spaces can accommodate different sizes of meetings from several dozen attendees to more than one thousand.

Among them, the South Ballroom, North Ballroom and plenary hall are all large-scale meeting facilities. Together with the two multi-function halls, they all work well for large meetings and banquets. The South Ballroom is located on the second level of West side of Lobby 1, with more than 3600 square meters of space and more than 2400 pax of capacity. The North Ballroom is located on the first level of Hall 18, with more than 6600 square meters of space and more than 6100 pax of capacity. The plenary hall is located at the west end of Lobby 2, accounting for more than 2200 square meters and enjoying more than 1800 seats in tiered setting. 

Still more, if needs be, the 16 typical halls of 20,000 square meters each and the 50,000 square meter mega Hall 17 can also be flexibly adjusted and serve as meeting places to accommodate meetings at a scale of more than tens of thousands of attendees.



(South Ballroom at Shenzhen World)

Apart from the powerful meeting functions, Shenzhen World also excels in its catering competency. The venue has planned out about 45,000 square meters of space for safe and delicious F&B in various styles and sufficient quantity, to meet dining needs during exhibition and convention time. There is also a carefully design kitchen area covering more than 20,000 square meters inside the complex, which is dedicated to food provision for the venue with tightest food hygiene and safety control.

The venue space design is really science-based and human-oriented. The catering area, grab n go area, restaurants, leisure catering, ballrooms, PDRs are located in different areas of the venue. Among them, the South Ballroom and North Ballroom can both be used for large scale banquets. It literally realizes the goal of accommodating guests’ diversified needs for high-quality catering in an all-round way without any need for them to leave the venue.



(North Ballroom at Shenzhen World)

Transportation-wise, there are multiple options of convenience at the moment. For those who drive, S3 or Bao’an Boulevard can take you to the through the newly opened “SW Center” tollgate. For those who go by metro, Line 11 is a good choice to get to Tangwei Station where dedicated shuttle buses will take you to the venue. For those who take buses, B892 mini bus serves a direct route to the venue. Still more, it’s also quite convenient to go from high-speed train stations and the airport. A combination of metro and shuttle buses will take you to the destination fast and easy.



(Transportation Around Shenzhen World)

In the meanwhile, the historic sore point with parking at large exhibition and convention centers won’t exit here. Shenzhen World enjoys expansive parking area with science-based planning, plenty of parking spaces and efficient organization, which together guarantee customers with excellent parking experiences. There are both on-grade and underground car park, with more than 2300 truck marshaling spaces, interim parking spaces and above 550 VIP parking lots. Taxi ranks can be found at the east end of the two lobbies as well as the south entrance. More than 9100 parking spaces for private cars can be found in the underground.

These parking spaces are reasonably planned out for move-in, move-out and show-time. They are evenly distributed in sufficient numbers both above and under ground. For above ground, there are 18 points for entry and exits, and 2 points for exit only. For underground, there are 2 points for entry and exit, 7 for entry and 7 for exit only. They together direct expedient and orderly flow of the traffic.



(Ground Parking at Shenzhen World)



(Two-level Underground Car Park at Shenzhen World)


Smart and Green Development Concepts of the Venue Coincide with the Theme of the Conference and Jointly Promote Sustainable Development

The concept of sustainable development has run through all stages of the venue from its design, construction to operation. Shenzhen World is dedicated to building a green venue advocating green booth construction and green exhibition. Its infrastructure and operating modes both serve benchmarks of the industry for green development. The design and construction of the venue is targeted at National Green Construction, Level II (first among same types of building domestically), LEED-NC Gold (first in exhibition and convention industry around the world), and BREEAM Three Star (first in exhibition and convention industry around the world) and adopts a total of 52 cutting-edge technologies for green construction to realize five world’s No.1, which is, No.1 in land-saving, energy-saving, water-saving, material-saving and low-carbon. Shenzhen World will try its best to become the first venue in the world to be accredited for these three green certificates.

At the same time, the venue aims at “digital, smart and intelligent” development. Working together with leading companies such as Huawei, China Telecom, and Accenture, Shenzhen World endeavors to build the most representative new generation of smart venue through development of a smart business system and a smart platform. Huawei has helped it in creating a solution for speedy network, high-density Wi-Fi, and network on demand, which can efficiently cater to the on-and-off pattern with events visitor flows and boost customer experiences. Nowadays, 5G signals have already covered the full venue which addresses the telecommunication challenges faced by traditional venues at the root cause.

Thanks to all these advanced technologies, the full openness of platform capacity, supporting capacity as well as integrating capacity, Shenzhen World is working with its partners including Huawei in building a new generation smart venue cooperative ecosystem. In the future, a whole set of services including interactive experience platform, VR navigation, panoramic events guide application, etc. will be offered to set up a convenient event service system and provide interactive smart digital event experiences. 

In addition, the “Shenzhen World” smart platform on wechat has been put in use to innovate venue services and comprehensively enhance guest experiences attending shows. Different functions including navigation, F&B, business travels, courier services, business centers, plant leasing, Wi-Fi services, parking and airport services have been activated. With the mini program on wechat, the online and offline services are well connected. The users do not have to install or delete any programs, and they can enjoy pleasant using experiences at hand’s reach, which marks a complete redefinition of event service patterns.


(Smart Service Platform at Shenzhen World)

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