Smart Service Platform at Shenzhen World


In November, Shenzhen World has embraced its very first exhibition since construction completion. In the meanwhile, in order to innovate in venue services and enhance visiting and exhibiting experiences in an all-round way, the venue has launched its wechat smart service platform named “Shenzhen World”. When you follow the official wechat account “深圳国际会展中心ShenzhenWorld”, click on the menu buttons at the bottom, you can be directly guided to the smart service platform and enjoy smart experiences around the shows within your palm!

So far, within this platform, you can have access to services including navigation, catering, business travel services, courier services, plant leasing, Wi-Fi, parking and airport services. More functions like VIP lounges and others will be offered soon.


1. Navigation

The smart service platform has adopted the advanced iBeacon technologies, which can not only position precisely locations of public utilities and booths at different exhibition halls, but also realize routes design and navigation between different points on the map. You will be promised an easy way-finding experience with no worries of getting lost here.



2. F&B

Visitors can look up information of all the F&B vendors in the venue on this platform, which can properly resolve the historical difficulty of dining in an exhibition and convention center. What’s more, users can even check out the remaining food servings and estimated time for lining up so as to avoid the peak time of the day and enjoy improved dining efficiency.



3. Business Travel

A one-stop service covering hotel booking, car rental and tourism in the nearby regions is also provided on this platform. Regarding accommodation, users can enjoy favorable prices for hotels in the precinct area. Some of the prices will be more competitive than what’s offered in other popular booking applications. For car rental, users can rent a car and drive directly to the city downtown, airport, bullet train station, etc., which is both convenient and expedient. For tourism, services provided have already covered all the sightseeing spots in Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Dongguan, all aimed at giving users more options to choose.


4. Courier Service

Shenzhen World has already established partnership with premium courier service providers in China. Designated areas have been determined inside the venue. Users can get access to the full set of services starting from appointment making, order confirmation, fast shipping to order tracking.



Operational Guide for the Smart Service Platform

The smart service platform is very handy to use. Users only have click on the relevant modules and operate following the instructions from the system. For instance, if we look at the most frequently-used function of “navigation”, all we should do is as follows:

Step 1: Click on “navigation services” at the bottom of the screen when you open up the smart service platform interface. Following the system instructions, you approve of the relevant authorization.


Step 2: When the icon above appears on the map, it suggests we have succeeded in positioning. Click on the bottom left F1 or F2 to choose the floor you want to go and then further pin down your destination.


Step 3: Click on “route” and choose navigation by “walk”, and the navigation will be activated.


Currently, the Shenzhen World smart service platform is still integrating new demands, and more will be coming in the future. All we aspire is to create for exhibitors an easy-to-use, convenient and worry-free tool as well as a long-lasting good impression.

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