Shenzhen World’s First Appearance at UFI Global Congress Since Launch of Operation


November 6th to 9th, 2019 has witnessed the grand opening of the 86th UFI Global Congress at Bangkok, Thailand. Shenzhen World delegates have attended this congress and initiated multiple promotional programs on site. This also marks the first appearance of the venue at the UFI Global Congress since its launch of operation. The brand new image and positioning has attracted great attention across the international events industry.


Theme of this year’s annual global gathering is “Platforms of Trust”. It has attracted attendance of 515 delegates from more than 50 countries and regions around the world. Industry elites from all over have gathered and discussed ways to further build up trustworthy platforms.


The meeting believes that the broad events industry market is built upon the cornerstone of trust, with all the relevant services surrounding the events and industry coming from trust. Even today, face-to-face communication is still people’s first option for trust-building. This has also been a persistent goal of the events industry. Through the platform of exhibitions, we can create more opportunities for people to have face-to-face communication, meeting arrangement, handshake as well as opportunities for people to hand over business cards in person, which can further pave way for more in-depth communication based upon trust.


During the congress, Mr. Ma Jun, CEO of the operating company behind Shenzhen World has delivered an excellent speech, in which he officially announced the official launch of the venue as well as the complete success of the venue’s first shows. This speech is also his answer sheet to all the friends in the industry who have been closely following up progress of this massive venue. Shenzhen World has cordially invited delegates at the congress to visit this futuristic venue in the future. After the speech, a video clip of the venue’s first show was played to the audience, which has triggered their warm congratulations together with passionate longings. 


Throughout the sessions, Shenzhen World has received a great deal of attention and support from UFI. UFI has allocated a dedicated booth for Shenzhen World where the venue’s advantages like the privileged geographic location, first-class design, construction and operation, its concept for international positioning as well as impressive moments of the first shows have been displayed via multiple vehicles such as billboards, videos and images, etc. The Shenzhen World booth onsite is very popular and has captured the interest of many visitors who come up with inquires and receive detailed introduction and explanations from the Shenzhen World delegates. This brand new venue has generated strong interests among people onsite.


Other than the above, the Shenzhen World delegates have been invited to a site tour at the Bangkok IMPACT Arena, Exhibition and Convention Center and the BITEC (Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre). The BITEC is a globally recognized world-class exhibition and convention center which features perfect integration of retailing and catering. It also marks the most popular venue in Asia and will host a couple of international big events every year.


On the other side, IMPACT is one of the biggest and the most modern complex in Southeast Asia. The combination of 140,000 square meters of indoor space and 100,000 outdoor space can provide individualized packages for various events with one-stop services. Every year, more than 800 events will take place at the IMPACT.


IMPACT as one of the earlier venues with comprehensive styles of operation can offer a lot of references to Shenzhen World when it comes to business patterns and the operating systems. With in-field investigation, learning and communication, the Shenzhen World delegation has been inspired a lot regarding the future operation of Shenzhen World.

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