Shenzhen World Unveiled at UFI Global Congress, Garnering Worldwide Attention


The 85th UFI Global Congress was held in Saint Petersburg, Russia from October 31 to November 3. Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center made its debut at this congress and carried out several promotional activities on site, receiving considerable attention from the international exhibition industry. During the congress, the Shenzhen World delegation signed a cooperation agreement on global promotion with the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and achieved pragmatic cooperation in various fields.

Creating Buzz with Promotional Activities

The participation of Shenzhen World has been highly valued and fully coordinated by the UFI, which provided strong support covering agenda arrangement and on-site promotion and showcased this new member of the association from Shenzhen.

Jun Ma, General Manager of Shenzhen Zhaohua International Exhibition Operation Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful TED-style talk to over 150 professionals from the international exhibition industry at the “Exchange on Exhibition Destinations”, introduced the scale advantage and strong talent pool of Shenzhen World and had lively exchanges with leading industry figures. The successful exposure of Shenzhen World received considerable attention, and the lecture hall designed for hosting 110 people was crowded with more than 150 attendees. UFI Asia-Pacific President David Zhong said that, with the greater attention from international counterparts to this new comer from Shenzhen, this exchange had the largest number of participants in its recent sessions. Shenzhen World made a splash. After the TED-style talk, almost all participants were deeply impressed with the name “Shenzhen World”, and would speak highly of “Shenzhen World” when meeting members of the Shenzhen World delegation.


On November 1, the UFI held a “social luncheon” in the name of Shenzhen World. Before the luncheon, General Manager Jun Ma made an excellent presentation at the main venue of UFI Global Congress, and invited the global exhibition industry elite to visit and inspect this new exhibition hall in Shenzhen, which received a positive response from participants. The participants also watched a short video about Shenzhen World and gave resounding applause upon the conclusion. Many of them showed strong interest in details about the exhibition hall.


That afternoon, Daben Mao, Executive Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Zhaohua International Exhibition Operation Co., Ltd., talked with heads of respected names in the industry at the “Seminar on Large-Scale Global Pavilions” on behalf of Shenzhen World, and discussed the operation and management of large exhibition halls. Mao shared the advantages of Shenzhen World in design, scale, establishment and operation as a rising star, as well as the challenges ahead. He also indicated that the operation team of Shenzhen World would continue to be open to cooperation at all levels and build Shenzhen World into a world-class exhibition hall.

Shenzhen World had a significant presence at the congress. Through photos and videos, the exclusive booth outside the main venue showed the first-class design concept, amazing construction speed and international operation standards of Shenzhen World, and attracted many participants.


UFI’s magazine, official website, social media and other related platforms and channels also implemented a full range of promotion of Shenzhen World.

UFI Diamond Sponsors Signing Speeds up the Internationalization of Shenzhen World

At noon on October 31, Shenzhen World signed a three-year strategic cooperation agreement with UFI on aspects of global marketing, event development and media promotion. Jun Ma, the General Manager of Shenzhen Zhaohua International Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd., and Mr. Craig Newman, the President of UFI for 2019, signed a three-year global promotion cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. Kai Hattendorf, CEO of UFI, and Daben Mao, Executive Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Zhaohua International Exhibition Operation Co., Ltd. etc. witnessed the signing. 


This signing will further promote the exchange and cooperation between Shenzhen World and UFI in various fields, accelerate internationalization, and constantly enhance the international visibility and influence of Shenzhen World.

400+ Exhibition Professionals from over 50 Countries Brainstorm Ideas About a “Complicated Future”

At this UFI global congress, more than 400 exhibition professionals from more than 50 countries and regions gathered together to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the conference and exhibition industry. The theme of congress this year was “The Dynamics of Transition---Our Industry's Complex Future”. The participants proposed forward-looking and creative solutions based on the opportunities, challenges and uncertainties in the future of global exhibition industry from several aspects, such as global economy and exhibition industry, digital trends of the exhibition industry, development of the exhibition industry in emerging markets and management and operation of large-scale exhibition halls. Kai Hattendorf, CEO of UFI said, “The exhibition industry is currently facing many problems – from integration to digitalization, from investment to restructuring and from rapid recruitment to retention. Driven by the ever-changing modes of behavior, we are transforming into new business models – just like the markets and industries we serve. The 85th UFI Global Congress in St. Petersburg provided our members with an important opportunity to find solutions and stay ahead of the curve, and stay in touch with colleagues in the exhibition industry around the world.”

About UFI

UFI is an abbreviation of the Union of International Fairs. At the 70th Global Association of the Exhibition Industry on October 20, 2003, the organization decided to change its name to the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, but is still referred to as UFI. So far, UFI is the most important international organization in the global exhibition industry. The original meaning of UFI is the French name “Union des Foires Internationales”, which means the Union of International Fairs. UFI was founded in Milan, Italy in 1925 and is headquartered in Paris, France. UFI is a politically-neutral and non-profit association of global exhibition organizers, exhibition venues, professional exhibition associations and exhibition industry partners, with 762 members from 85 countries.

Shenzhen World became a formal member of UFI in November, 2017.


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