Update on the Progress of Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center Project


Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen World”) is one of the largest ongoing construction projects in Shenzhen. Tens of thousands of construction workers work even during holidays such as National Day just to ensure that the project remains on schedule. At present, the bulk of the construction of Shenzhen World has been completed and construction of the outermost decorative layer has begun. Despite the continuous rainfall some time ago, the Shenzhen World project has remained on schedule and made efforts to advance all the work.

Standard exhibition halls

It is expected that the construction, including the curtain wall, electromechanical installation as well as the interior decoration of 20,000 square meters of standard exhibition halls (except the areas affected by cable trenches) will be basically completed by the end of December. The standard exhibition halls have 450,000 square meters of metal roofing with 298,000 square meters of roof waterproof testing completed to date (the roof will not leak when it rains). Most of the steel structure construction in the exhibition halls has entered the final stage; the curtain wall keels and panels are being installed, with 71% of the keels already installed.



261,000 tons of the grid shell steel structure of the lobby and the middle corridor have been completed (accounting for about 95%). The north-south lobby grid shell has been hoisted with the middle corridor metal roof at 75.4% completion.

According to the site construction manager, the north hall roof structure is a single-layer box-shape curved grid shell which is assembled on the ground and then lifted into place. The precise bending and assembly of grid shell parts and the positioning accuracy are the most difficult points to ensure the grid shell precision of the north hall roof. In order to overcome difficulties and complete the construction successfully, the constructor chose to maximize the ground assembly units, that is, the transported steel is first made into steel grid on the ground and then lifted into place using large crawler cranes. In order to ensure construction safety, each tower crane is equipped with an anti-collision system and real-time monitoring equipment to ensure tower cluster safety and enable remote real-time monitoring on the running state and lifting weight of the tower cranes.


Steel grid shell is in place


At present, the basement brickwork has been completed; the electromechanical conduits in the basements have been basically installed and the other areas will be gradually completed.


Curtain wall, electromechanical installation and interior decoration

At the end of the year, key work will be handed over to the curtain wall, electromechanical installation and interior decoration units to carry out large-scale construction in their respective fields.


Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center is gradually taking shape

Construction workers overcome many difficulties such as large volume, tight schedules and complicated construction

According to on-site construction teams, the construction of Shenzhen World is like a sophisticated precision instrument. The construction area of the project is up to 780,000 square meters, which is equivalent to the total construction area of five Forbidden Cities, and the amount of steel used in the project is equivalent to 25 Eiffel Towers. Such a difficult project requires a lot of construction resources. During peak construction, there were more than 20,000 workers, 600 managers, 48 tower cranes and more than 300 other large machines working concurrently. Approximately 119 excavators have been sent to the site for foundation excavation. At least 120 dump trucks are required to remove the soil 24 hours a day, and the excavated soil is built into a wall 1m wide and 1m high. After the foundation construction is completed, mass concrete will be poured to cast super-long slabs. During peak construction, the amount of concrete poured per day will reach 5,000 cubic meters, about the volume of two standard swimming pools.


Shenzhen World is a huge project. Facing difficult project conditions, all construction participants are working extremely hard day and night in this steel jungle. In accordance with the high standards and strict work requirements, the workers are focused on ensuring the progress, quality and safety of the Shenzhen World project in a rigorous and meticulous manner.


The sight of a busy and orderly construction site is a beautiful, heart-warming and touching picture. Many workers have been seen working tirelessly on the roof of the B6 exhibition hall (which has the fastest progress). Even though that day was not so hot, people may feel dizzy when being exposed to direct sunlight without any covering or standing on the densely placed white roofs for a long time, but the workers were not troubled at all and insisted on completing their tasks with high quality.



From the official start of the construction of Shenzhen World, the construction workers have worked very hard day and night putting in extra effort to accelerate project construction whilst ensuring quality and safety. With the joint efforts of all parties, everyone will live up to expectations, present the most perfect work on schedule and make Shenzhen World the quality project that everyone expects.


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