Shenzhen LEAP Expo 2020 Being Moved to Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center


The end of 2019 is approaching. At this moment when everyone is waiting for a new year and new changes, exhibition industry is also embracing a brand new leap. On November 3rd - 5th 2020, LEAP Expo - South China International Advanced Electronics, Automation and Laser Expo (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen LEAP Expo) will be moved to Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen World), a brand new world-class venue in Shenzhen. The brand new, integrated and upgraded 2020 LEAP Expo will build a whole industrial chain platform covering intelligent manufacturing and electronic innovation.



Five Events Being Linked: New Upgrading and New Integration

Recently, Shenzhen LEAP Expo 2020 officially released the brand keyword. Lu Wangbin, COO of Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd., introduced the background of choosing “LEAP” as the keyword of 2020-edition event. “The English name of this event, Shenzhen LEAP Expo, embodies two meanings: firstly, it represents a leap from Shanghai to Shenzhen to create a whole industrial chain platform covering intelligent manufacturing and electronic innovation; secondly, four letters of LEAP stand for the first 4 exhibitions of electronica China & productronica China, including Laser South China, EMA, Automation and productronica South China. Along with the relocation of Shenzhen LEAP Expo 2020 to Shenzhen World, the event scale will be expanded further with electronica South China being successfully introduced. For the very first time, Shenzhen LEAP Expo 2020 will showcase a whole intelligent manufacturing and electronic innovation industrial chain ranging from semi-conductor technology, electronic components, modules to advanced manufacturing, assembling, automation and laser technology in a large scale. That’s why “LEAP” is chosen as the keyword of Shenzhen LEAP Expo 2020.”

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Shenzhen LEAP Expo has been held for two times, attracting over 400 exhibitors and 19,000 audience, sources said, Shenzhen World, a brand new world-class venue in Shenzhen, is chosen as the new place to accommodate this event, partly echoing the implication of a giant leap and upgrading of the platform. Shenzhen World will provide impetus to the event brand and business upgrading with all its strength.

As a matter of fact, since the first edition was held in 2018, Shenzhen LEAP Expo has been continuously developing and been favored by famous enterprises and big names in the industry because of its professional and highly efficient exhibition organization, well-rounded customer service, and creative and high-quality solutions, bringing in more and more fresh blood and getting vitalized.

Productronica South China, Laser South China and Automation & EMA are the first members of electronica & productronica making their presence in the Southern China’s market. Later, China International Machine Vision Exhibition & Machine Vision Technology & Application Conference (Vision China), the youngest member of electronica China & productronica China, also joined the Shenzhen LEAP Expo in 2019 and the event was a great success. After two-year development, Shenzhen LEAP Expo has already become an important platform for each enterprise to expand its market and get new customers.

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2020 electronica South China will move to Shenzhen World, and its debut in Shenzhen World will be themed as Smart Mobility, Smart Factory and Smart Life and cover cutting-edged technologies and products such as integrated circuits, sensors, semiconductors, embedded systems, power supplies, test and measurement, passive components, PCB, switch and interconnection technology, wire and cable harnesses, etc.

With that, Shenzhen LEAP Expo 2020 will be a joint expo of five events, offering a complete range of technologies and products -- semiconductor technology, electronic components and modules, systems and advanced manufacturing, assembly, automation and laser technology.

The upgrading of Shenzhen LEAP Expo 2020 will also bring an integration of nine sectors namely automation and robotics, intelligent solutions in electronic manufacturing, electronic components, systems and solutions, harness processing and connection technology, adhesive dispensing machines and materials, laser processing, advanced light sources, core components and accessories of machine vision and features a special block of Smart Factory. The expo provides the entire industrial chain with a platform combining both intelligent manufacturing and electronic innovation, as well as users and clients with quality products and technology, innovative solutions and one-stop buying experience.

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Long in the Making: New Venue, Grand Scale

Born in Shenzhen, a city with thriving intelligent manufacturing and electronic information industry, in the Greater Bay Area where industrial research & development and innovation are highly concentrated, Shenzhen World is going to boost Shenzhen LEAP Expo’s up-scaling in 2020.  

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Geographical advantage drawing more exhibitors

Shenzhen World is located at the Airport New Town in Bao’an District, the tip of Greater Bay Area, the center of the Pearl River Delta and Guangdong Free Trade Zone. It also lies at the intersection of the key development corridor for Guangdong, Shenzhen and Hong Kong and the east-west development corridor. All of these point to great accessibility and its central position for industrial development.

At the same time, the venue is also close to a number of electronic manufacturing hubs such as South China Science and Technology Industrial Park, South China Transportation Electronic Industrial Park, Guangzhou Electronic Industry Park and Jiangmen South China Photoelectric Industrial Park. This core location serves as a magnet for numerous exhibitors.

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Industrial upgrading and transformation spawning new demands

As the government speeds up the advancement of Intelligent Manufacturing in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road Initiative, South China, as a center of advanced manufacturing and industrial innovation, research & development, is also picking up its pace of industrial transformation and upgrading.

Adding to that, the opening of Shenzhen World, a super venue, further promotes the upgrading of the convention & exhibition industry and other related industries in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and even the wider South China region.

The visitors from the bay area are no longer satisfied about trade fairs or exhibitions of only one single industry but are looking forward to fresh new experience. Shenzhen LEAP Expo 2020, integrating five events and encompassing the whole industrial chain and all popular and leading fields and segments, will present them a favorable choice.

Smart venue boasting fresh new experience

Shenzhen World aims to be a digital, smart and intelligent venue and also among the more representative smart venues of the world in a new generation by developing a smart business system and a smart platform.

Shenzhen World itself is a full embodiment of advanced and intelligent manufacturing. Shenzhen LEAP Expo 2020 held in Shenzhen World will surely offer an unprecedented experience to exhibitors and visitors.

With five events of Shenzhen LEAP Expo being held together, there will be more and more “fresh blood” in this field by leveraging Shenzhen’s advantages in intelligent manufacturing and electronic information industry, bringing more development benefits to Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


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