Delegation of Messe Frankfurt Visits Shenzhen World


On January 11th, Jun Ma, General Manager of Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, together with project staff, hosted the Messe Frankfurt delegation led by Uwe Behm , Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt GmbH.


The delegation first visited the exhibition room of Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center Construction Headquarters Office. In front of the sandbox, GM Jun Ma introduced the strategic positioning and overall planning of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Bay Project to Mr. Uwe Behm, and the delegation was invited to the watchtower to get a first-hand experience of the scale and construction progress of the project. During the presentation, Mr. Uwe Behm and other members of the delegation frequently praised Shenzhen World, highly affirming Shenzhen Speed and international standards reflected in the project.


After the visit, representatives of the two parties led by Jun Ma and Uwe Behm proceeded to the meeting hall of the Construction Headquarters Office where they conducted in-depth discussions on the functional parts, opening time and cooperation concerning Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. GM Jun Ma spoke about the internal structure and peripheral facilities of the center, and then shared the future plans and development goals of Shenzhen World. Mr. Uwe Behm was highly impressed with the Shenzhen World project. The development of the project coincided with the innovative concept of Messe Frankfurt. This meeting could lead to further cooperation between the two parties. The Messe Frankfurt delegation brought a number of materials from their past exhibitions, expressing their enthusiasm to hold certain thematic or industrial exhibitions at Shenzhen World. GM Jun Ma said that Shenzhen World welcomed the exhibition projects of Messe Frankfurt, and the high-tech industry foundation in Shenzhen would also provide a fertile ground for high-tech exhibitions. The Messe Frankfurt delegation concluded the discussion by reasserting that the two parties were highly suited for cooperative development prospects, and that GM Jun Ma and the project staff had made them feel at home.


Shenzhen World is looking forward to developing a deeper strategic partnership with Messe Frankfurt in the future! 

(Photos and text by Zuowei Xie)


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