Non-stop innovation: Shenzhen World Accelerating the Development of Innovative Service Platform


Someone once said, “The Internet is integrating as a necessity into our lives, like water and electricity.” The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has made the feeling stand out, more than ever.


For example, take-out services within calls, contactless delivery, social media access to the latest information, telecommuting, online education, live broadcast of conferences and forums, binge-watching, games...


The era of traditional industries using Internet thinking to solve customers’ pain points and create better user experience is coming at a faster speed. During the epidemic window period, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Shenzhen World) has been working hard on enhancing its “internal strength” by promoting the development of the smart and innovative service platform with the aim to provide more convenient and considerate exhibition experiences to organizers, exhibitors, service providers and visitors.


So, what’s the platform like with so many special efforts devoted in its development? Let’s together take a peek.

Shenzhen World Smart and Innovative Service Platform

As a 2C service platform of Shenzhen World, the Intelligent and Innovative Service Platform is dedicated to advocating smart exhibition. Through visualized services, it builds the linkage among the venue operator, service providers, organizers and visitors and accommodates a full set of services ranging from dining to accommodation, transportation and delivery, all aimed at setting up a smart system for the events industry.


The platform will provide more than 10 types of services including navigation, parking, catering, business travel, express delivery, plant leasing, green booth services, business center, negotiation room, VIP lounge, and airport terminal services. This will greatly improve the operational efficiency of the venue, upgrade and refine the quality service to the organizers and exhibitors, enrich and optimize visitor experience, so as to achieve an all-win situation.

New Functions In the Making

Skill point 1: Catering service --- Enhanced Dianping in the exhibition and convention field

Queuing up for two hours for a 5-minute meal is the daily portrayal of people in the industry. What’s worse, you may have lined up for two hours before you were greeted by a sign that says “sold out”. How we miss our delivery boys at that time!


Don’t worry. With Shenzhen World, you will be feeling like eating at your own place. In order to make everyone enjoy their desired food during the busy break, we are working quite hard.


Can’t find a place to eat in such a big venue? Relax. The venue navigation will help you get your desired restaurant in just one glimpse.


Want a less-crowded restaurant? No problem. The traffic monitor will show you the live queuing video outside each restaurant and help you avoid the crowds and make your choice in an unhurried way.


I have my desired food in mind, but what if there are too many people waiting in line? Never mind. Move your fingers, book online, collect your food "just in time", and say goodbye to queuing.


Being afraid of missing out your desired food? At the door, out of stock? Just check the real-time food inventory via the platform and it may save you a trip for nothing.


The venue also supports payment via meal card. The organizer can arrange and purchase meal cards in advance and distribute them to exhibitors. After the meal, the exhibitors just scan the code on the meal card and pay via the Mini Program even without using Wechat Pay.


Skill point 2: Navigation services --- You know each step you walk

The furthest distance in the world is when two cannot find each other after one hour of search in the same venue. It is common failing to find colleagues, clients, halls, and booths during an exhibition. As a super venue with a total construction area of 1.57 million square meters, which is equal to about six “Bird’s Nests” (Beijing National Stadium), Shenzhen World is likely to become a huge maze for new friends with a weak sense of direction.


Don’t worry, our platform provides perfect navigation around and inside the venue, so that you know each step! In order to achieve high precision positioning and navigation, Shenzhen World is equipped with up to 27,000 signal devices (and the number will continue to increase with the expansion of surrounding areas), making itself the world’s only giant venue with full indoor signal coverage! In terms of navigation, the platform features not only simulated navigation and real-time navigation mode, but also AR real scene navigation mode, a no-brainer for those who are bad at directions and floor plans. Flexible switch between indoor and outdoor navigation, humanized cross-layer tips, friends’ location sharing......these are all included in the one-stop solution to positioning and navigation.


At the same time, the navigation system also supports booth number search, exhibitor name search, vendor fuzzy search and associated search in traditional and simplified Chinese, and English, and voice search. You can easily search anywhere you want to go.

Apart from that, there are inquiry screens distributed in the venue on which visitors can touch and find the profile and map of the venue. By scanning the QR code on the homepage, they can also send the location they have searched onto the mobile phone for real-time navigation.   

Skill point 3: Parking service --- Find a space, check the parking, pay the fare, one key solution to all

 “Where is the parking lot?” “Where can I find an empty parking space?” “Where did I park?” These are the “triple bothers” haunted in every driver’s head. Why can’t it be simple?


Our smart platform connects the indoor navigation system and the car-finding system, and provides a comprehensive, humanized and visualized interactive car-finding system by collecting data such as the status and photos of parking spaces through the license plate.


Logging into the platform, you can locate the real-time available parking spaces, navigate to the specific location, find the nearest lift hall all via the mobile phone. The shortest and easiest routes become accessible at your fingertips.


When looking for a car, you only need to enter the license plate to accurately and quickly locate the parking space.


When you leave, click on “Entry & exit of the parking lot”, you can quickly find the nearest entrance or exit. And there’s no need to scan any code, because fast payment is just at your service.

Skill point 4: Business travel --- An exhibition journey without plan

In the age of the Internet, hoards of online services are making travel easy and simple.


Now, our smart platform provides one-stop services of hotel booking, car renting and travels around the venue. You can finalize all your itineraries with just one click on your mobile phone and at a good price easily and quickly.



The platform also provides targeted and worry-free business travel services to exhibition participants. They could not only book nearby hotels at their convenience, which better suits their needs, but also rent cars on the same platform. With the seamless connection to the city, airport and high-speed railway stations, efficient travel can be achieved.


With continuous development and improvement of the platform, an exhibition journey without plan can be expected. Let’s go on a trip and get away from busy work for one day to let off some steam!  

Skill point 5: Green booth supermarket --- An integrated solution center at hand

Green convention and exhibition is one of the operational concepts that Shenzhen World has always adhered to. In order to promote and support green convention and exhibition, green booth supermarket will provide chain marketing services across the whole country in the future and create a new integrated supply chain solution for the convention and exhibition industry, vigorously promoting the development of green convention and exhibition.


What is more surprising is that the online version of the green booth supermarket will be incorporated into the smart and innovative service platform in the future. The platform will also introduce a professional chained business center to solve the problems of the emergency service related to booth tools and consumables, so as to provide products that meet the requirements of environmental protection, safety and emergency services.


In the future, exhibitors can book high-quality green booth services through the platform only by using their mobile phones, so as to avoid many pain points in the traditional convention and exhibition service industry, such as incomplete service categories, unreliable quality, ungreen materials, high price fluctuations and mismatched service time.

Why not put such a handy Mini program into your pocket?

“Shenzhen World Mini Program” can be added to “My Mini Program” according to the steps as shown in the figure. When needed, it can be easily found in the drop-down interface of WeChat.



By taking advantage of the epidemic period, Shenzhen World has also made some special changes to the development and improvement of the innovative service platform. On the basis of scientific framework, we focus more on people’s specific needs and customized experiences, and patiently polish the product modules and functions, so as to bring better experience of event organization and participation in the future.  


Innovation can not happen overnight. More time and continuous iteration are needed to build a more intelligent and humanized innovative service platform. Now, many of the platform’s functions are under active online and offline construction, which will soon be available to everyone. More new functions will also be launched in the future. Just stay tuned!


Recently, good news comes in succession. Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province issued the latest notice on the large-scale economic and trade activities and mass gathering promotion activities held during the prevention and control of COVID-19. We are also actively advancing various preparations for the reunion at Shenzhen World.


It’s hoped that everyone can not only enjoy events freely, but also feel more convenience and pleasure brought by the innovative service platform in the next gathering.

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