2020 B-Expo and EeIE Opening Side-by-side with Double Highlights


Baoan Industry Development Expo 2020 (hereinafter referred to as “B-Expo”) and the 6th Shenzhen International Intelligent Equipment Industry Exposition and the 9th Shenzhen International Electronic Equipment Industry Exposition (hereinafter referred to as EeIE) were staged in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen World) from August 6th to 8th. By integrating innovations of intelligent manufacturing enterprises and pooling global industrial chain resources, the concurrent opening of two events offered a feast of innovation, technology and frontier vision.

Innovation-driven Demonstration Pilot District

B-Expo, the Top-level Event of Industry Development for Bao’an District

13 Exhibition Zones Reinforcing Each Other, Quality Enterprises Gathering Together

With the theme of “innovation-driven demonstration pilot district”, B-Expo 2020 set up 13 theme exhibition zones, including Bao’an image, intelligence and innovation demonstration, industrial internet, electronic components, electronic products, industrial robots, industrial automation, AI, Smart Home, Big Health Industry, clean industry, high-end service industry, live-streaming, e-commerce and online celebrity. These 13 exhibition zones showcased innovative outcomes of intelligent manufacturing and digital economy of Bao’an District in recent years,and played an effective role in connecting Bao’an industries and propelling in-depth cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises, creating a feast of Baoan industry development.

B-Expo 2020 witnessed a gathering of over 300 quality enterprises with exhibition areas reaching 40,000m2. Comparatively speaking, B-Expo 2020 attracted more exhibitors, exhibits and technologies than previous ones, serving as an ideal platform of business and investment opportunities.


During the event period, more than 60 activities were held, including high-end forums, new product releasing, project signing and interactive experiencing. A number of experts, scholars and outstanding enterprise representatives from industry and academia at home and abroad were invited to discuss hot topics, such as how to realize deep integration between the real economy and emerging technologies including big data, AI and 5G..


B-Expo 2020 was held in Hall 6 and Hall 8 of Shenzhen World.


Focusing on the Whole Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Chain

EeIE Staging a Feast of Frontier Vision for the Industry


Brilliant with Six Highlights

More than 300 famous enterprises at home and abroad participated in this year’s EeIE and the exhibitions area reached 40,000m2, with Hall 5 and Hall 7 of Shenzhen World being used. Six highlights of the event provided a feast of innovation, technologies and frontier vision for the industry.

1.2020 Global Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Summit and the 6th World Robot Forum


2.Covering the whole industry chain, eight themes presented the future of intelligent equipment industry


3.Famous exhibitors gathered to sieze the market opportunities of intelligent manufacturing industry


4. The innovative integration of online and offline forms cultivated the first expo with a brand new ecosystem in intelligent manufacturing industry

5. The services were provided in a more efficient way by customizing theme-specific visit routes and distributing badges online.

6. A brilliant industry gala was presented with about 30 wonderful activities


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