Shenzhen World Airport Service Center Opened



On August 21st, the Airport Service Center of Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (hereinafter referred as Shenzhen World) in Bao’an District was officially put into use. The center is designed to provide various services such as flight information, domestic and international check-in, luggage check-in, business meetings and airport pick-up, etc., to meet the demands of event participants for efficient, convenient and high-quality air travel. The opening of this center will also further enhance air travel services provided by Shenzhen World, and promote the foot traffic and logistics driven by the convention and exhibition industry at Shenzhen Airport.


On the afternoon of the 21st, the opening ceremony of Shenzhen Airport Service Center was held in Shenzhen World. Ma Jun, General Manager of Shenzhen Zhaohua Int’l Exhibition Operation Co., Ltd. (the operating company of Shenzhen World), and Wang Suichu, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Airport Group, unveiled the signboard of the center.


The newly opened Shenzhen Airport Service Center is located at Level 2 functional zone in South Lobby of Shenzhen World, with a construction area of 450㎡. The center can be easily found when visitors arrive at the lobby, and its built-in lift  provides an unobstructed route to the underground parking lot. The center is equipped with high-standard check-in facilities, flight information display facilities, smart inquiry terminals, passenger rest areas, etc., and integrates a variety of functions including domestic and international check-in, luggage check-in, flight information inquiry and display, VIP passenger rest, business meeting, airport pickup services and so on, so as to meet diversified and high-end air travel demands.



It is understood that the center can provide not only all kinds of air travel services, but also convenient and comfortable transport services such as special bus lines, car rental reservations and dedicated cars, which aims to closely connect Shenzhen World Airport Service Center with Shenzhen Airport through personalized and convenient transport services for event participants.

Situated 7km away from the terminal of Shenzhen Airport, Shenzhen World boasts prominent geographical advantages. As different domestic and international events will attract more than 5 million exhibitors and visitors each year, the establishment of the Airport Service Center in Shenzhen World will further enhance the ground transportation capacity of Shenzhen Airport, realize seamless connection between the airport and the venue, and provide “one-stop” air travel services for domestic and international participants. All of these promise better services provided by Shenzhen Airport, boost the development of the wider Airport New Town, and help to build Shenzhen into a world-renowned city of exhibitions and conferences. 

In the future, against the backdrop of smart airport construction, Shenzhen Airport Service Center will rely on the smart service platform of Shenzhen World to create more digital and intelligent online services and products, such as airport VIP service and off-site luggage check-in, continuously optimize air travel services and improve flying experience for event participants.

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