Successful Launch of Shenzhen World in Europe, 2019


Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center is already in its last leg of race for its Phase I construction, the completion of which will be ready on schedule and enable the venue for operation in July this year. Upon completion of the construction, the Shenzhen World delegation has set on a long-distance journey to Europe for the 2019 UFI Conference and hosted a Shenzhen World promotional seminar during the Conference period when people from the exhibition world have all been briefed on Shenzhen World’s latest progress in construction and operational preparation

On May 16th, the promotional seminar was held in the National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, UK with attendance of more than 100 representatives from Europe and other parts of the world. Mr. Wu Xiaoping, head of the Shenzhen World Delegation as well as the Deputy Director-General of the Shenzhen World Construction Headquarter Office has introduced to the audience the development history, geographic location, transportation, economic aggregate as well as the innovative tech strength of Shenzhen. He has also explained the backgrounds of the construction in Shenzhen World and the positive impacts on the global exhibition landscape from operation of the venue in future. Invitations have been issued to the audience for their visit as well as business in Shenzhen and warm feedback has been returned from the delegates. 


During the event, Mr. Mao Daben, executive deputy general manager of the operating company for Shenzhen World has offered a detailed introduction of the venue’s latest progress and presented the audience with the project construction timeline through video clips and more. Vivid images of the venue construction progress have brought the delegates to the spot of the site despite the long distance between Europe and Shenzhen. The audience have gained a solid feeling of the stunning grandeur and Shenzhen speed of the mega fairground and expressed their great appreciation and heartfelt congratulations to Shenzhen World ready for launch.


Kai Hattendorf, UFI’s managing director has expressed during the promotional seminar that UFI, as the world’s leading international exhibition association, is dedicated to promoting development of the exhibition industry across the globe by helping its member institutes with continuous growth. Shenzhen World, as the world’s largest exhibition and convention center in the rise, will also continue to receive strong support from UFI. It is the belief of UFI that operation of Shenzhen World will drastically change China’s exhibition landscape and boost overall quality of the industry in the country. 


During the UFI European Conference, a grand luncheon for connecting was also held in the name of Shenzhen World where the venue was again marketed toward the world’s exhibition experts. In the meanwhile, a dedicated booth for Shenzhen World has stood through the event where billboards, video clips, images and face-to-face briefing have together communicated latest construction and operational preparation of the venue to the delegates. Sharing of the good news for the venue has also strengthened confidence of the global exhibition industry in Shenzhen World for its timely construction and readiness for operation. 




The 2019 UFI European Conference is a UFI feast to the exhibition industry held NEC, Birmingham, UK during May 15th to 17th. The theme of the event was “The Organisers’ Future: Challenging Business Models”. Altogether, more than 200 exhibition companies, organizers and institutes have attended the conference and contributed from their own perspectives understanding of exhibition in the coming years with focus on impacts of the changing business models, global localization, digital revolution, and Brexit, etc. 


Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center is a major project invested by the Shenzhen Municipal Government with joint construction and operation by China Merchants Shekou and Overseas Chinese Town. It stands as a mega complex integrating services like exhibitions, conventions, events (such as games and performances), catering, shopping, offices, etc. 

The venue was located in the exhibition new town area in the Fuhai street of Bao’an District, which occupies the top tip of the Greater Bay Area, the center of the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong FTA, and the crossing of the Guandong-Shenzhen-HongKong Core Corridor and the East-West development corridor. Moreover, it is also where three city clusters, i.e., the Guangzhou-Foshan-Zhaoqing city cluster, the Shenzhen-Dongguan-Huizhou city cluster and the Zhuhai-Zhongshan-Jiangwen city cluster converge. The outstanding geographic location of the venue endows it with great appeal for sound resources to gather and tremendous potential for future growth. 

Phase I of the project started in September, 2016 and would be fully completed for use in July. The venue is aimed for a new generation of green and smart venue. Ground area for phase I is 1,214,200 square meters, the construction area, 1,605,000 square meters, and indoor exhibition space, 400,000 square meters. Upon construction of phase II, total indoor exhibition space would reach 500,000 square meters, making Shenzhen World the world’s largest venue. 


UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) is the world’s most important and authoritative international exhibition association. Formerly named Union of International Fairs, the institute was first established in Milan, Italy in 1925. Headquartered in Paris, France, it is also known by the name UFI for short. It was in the 70th members’ meeting in Cairo, 2003, that the new name of The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry was adopted. But the abbreviation of UFI has been kept for use. UFI is a non-political, and non-profit institute for global exhibition organizers, venue operations, professional exhibition associations as well as exhibition partners. up to date, 779 members from 87 countries as well as more than 960 international exhibitions have been certified by UFI. Shenzhen World has joined in November, last year to become its official member. 

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