Contract between Shenzhen World and McKintey Group Successfully Inked


On June 13th, 2019, the contract signing ceremony between Shenzhen World and McKintey Group has been successfully held in the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center Construction Headquarter Office. Company leaders from Shenzhen Zhaohua International Exhibition Operation Co., Ltd (SOC Operation for short), the operating company of the venue, Mr. Ma Jun, the General Manager, Mr. Mao Daben, the Executive Deputy General Manager, and Simon Lomas, the COO, have joined hands with Mr. Kong Deshun, Chairman of McKintey as well as his team in attending the ceremony.


Mr. Mao Daben, Executive Deputy General Manager of SOC Operation, has moderated the ceremony. Mr. Ma Jun and Mr. Kong Deshun have signed the contracts on behalf of the two companies, to officially confirm McKintey Group as the core vendor for Shenzhen World for catering services for exhibitions and conferences, mainly including occasions for coffee breaks and banquets, to meet diversified catering needs of the venue in future. 


At the ceremony, Mr. Ma Jun, General Manager of SOC Operation has extended his congratulations to the successful signing of the contract, and expressed his appreciation for McKintey’s coming over and continuous input over the past. Shenzhen World is a major project of the Shenzhen Municipal Government and commands attention from across the world. We feel strongly about our responsibilities and have been upholding the philosophy of “first-class design, construction and operation” and international development. Such guidelines are well reflected in our choice of partners. It is extended negotiation that has brought us to the competitive partner featuring first-class service. From the day on, the two parties shall share the same goal, join hands with concerted efforts and develop this benchmark project into a world-class venue that amazes the industry and satisfies the government. 


Mr. Kong Deshun from McKintey has also recalled the year-long negotiation and expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the trust placed on McKintey. McKintey feels honored to be involved in the operation of the worlds’ largest venue-to-be. This marks the first time for McKintey to operate businesses for a project of such a massive scale. Together with the honor stands challenges and pressure. However, equipped with multiple years of operation experiences in group catering, McKintey will rise up to the challenges and pressure, achieve high standards and comply with strict requirements. Looking into the future, McKintey is confident to live up to expectations. Mr. Ma Jun echoes with Mr. Kong’s speech and emphasizes the tremendous workload up front. Starting from the contracting date, both parties are going to explore deeper and thoroughly go through needs at work, get the teams to work closely together, innovate approaches and advance the overall work with simplicity, transparency and high efficiency.


After the ceremony, members of the two sides had a site tour in the venue.

As Shenzhen World Phase I construction is about to be completed and the venue is almost ready for its trial operation. The successful signing of the contract between the two sides marks a milestone in the kickoff of venue catering operation and service in an all-round way. McKintey Group, as a competitive partner, will provide quality F&B for Shenzhen World. With such a marriage in place, Shenzhen World is even better positioned to achieve its bigger-than-bigger vision and make solid progress toward rising up as a competitive exhibition giant with excellent services.

Catering Facilities at Shenzhen World: With 50,000 square meters of dedicated catering space within the venue, all sorts of cuisine are within your reach inside the venue. Level 3 of Hall 1 to 17 all feature catering areas, Level two, grab n go areas. Chinese, Western, Halal, Buffet restaurants, Food Court and PDRs can all be found in Level 3 of the two lobbies. Multiple resting and dining locations scatter along the Central Corridor. South and North Ballrooms can together meet requirements for large-scale event. 



Shanghai McKintey Group Co., Ltd: president company of the National Group Catering Company Association, taking the operation platform for group catering, its major business is focused on provision of daily food for organizations and urban families. McKintey is highly experienced in serving in bulk to more than 500 companies and institutions like Huawei, Alibaba, Microsoft, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, etc. both in regular portions and in emergent scenarios. 

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