The largest automotive tuning exhibition in Asia to be held in Shenzhen World


The 21st AutoEcosystems AAITF is successfully opened today at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, the world's largest venue, bringing an unprecedented spectacular to China’s automobile industry chain. Delegates and leaders from chambers of commerce and associations across the country arrive at the exhibition. Leaders from original equipment manufacturers, technical experts from automotive research institutes, persons in charge of procurement from automobile sales service stores, all levels of distributors from different counties, cities and provinces, terminal owners, refitting factories, refitted vehicle owners, refitting workshops, persons in charge of global cross-border platforms, overseas buyers who live in China for long, etc. all come to witness the event. Leaders and delegates from more than 300 national authoritative media and industrial media gather in the venue. More than 300 automotive social media influencers broadcast on site, and over 50 summits, forums and leisure and technical competitions and activities are organized. 

This exhibition is held in Hall 2 to Hall 8 at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, with a variety of exhibits including finished automobile, refitted vehicle, RV, smart travel, automotive electronics, automotive stereo, MPV refitting, interior and exterior refitting, performance refitting, automotive film, automotive boutique gifts, car cleaning, beauty, maintenance and care, automotive lighting, automotive air conditioning, automotive quick-wear parts, and new energy automobiles. Multiple meetings, forums, activities are concurrently held during the exhibition, creating an industrial feast with a full integration of exhibition, conference and activity and presenting lots of highlights. 

On the first day of the exhibition, the number of professional daily visits exceeds 150,000. It is expected that the number of B-end professional buyer visits will exceed 150,000, and that of C-end car owners and car culture lovers will exceed 100,000, making it an innovation exhibition with the largest scale, the most complete forms of business, the largest number of participating brands and the most diversified on-site activities in China's Automobile Industry Chain in the year of 2021.

In the 21st AutoEcosystems AAITF, the block of smart travel, also known as "automobile front assembly technology", fully demonstrates the advanced concept that goes“software defines automobile” and the forward-looking and trendy products such as intelligent driving, internet of vehicles, automobile new energies, intelligent logistics, shared travel and smart parking system. The presentation of these products not only changes the ways to travel, but also makes future traffic transportation safer, more convenient, more environmentally-friendly and more user-friendly.

In the 21st AutoEcosystems AAITF, automobile refitting, also known as "automobile after-assembly service block", is witnessing an array of new technologies and products as well. Refitting technologies and products such as annual new solutions for finished vehicle refitting including Buick GL8, Mercedes Benz VITO, Toyota Alphard, GAC Trumpchi M8, Tesla Model 3 and Mercedes Benz G-Class, MPV refitting and accessories, vehicle performance refitting and accessories, SUV refitting and accessories, RV refitting and accessories and outdoor supplies and automotive film make its debut in the exhibition. 

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