Full-venue Rigging System, Super Loading Capacity to Amaze

Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center is home to a full set of comprehensive and advanced rigging system, which will satisfy diversified needs of the exhibitors and realize an upgrade of the green venue function to boost the trendy green development in booth construction. Supported by the relevant standards and subsidy policies about to be released, we are confident to witness a new fashion of sustainability in the exhibition and convention industry.

The venue is equipped with 16 typical halls, 20,000 square meters each, 2 multi-function halls, 20,000 square meters each, and a mega hall of 50,000 square meters. The rigging system covers all the event areas including spaces for exhibition, convention and performances. The loading capacity here far overtakes other large-scale venues and sets the highest standard in the industry. Such a leading role is attributed to the experiences the project team has borrowed from other world’s first-class venues during the design phase. It is required that the rigging system must accommodate super high loading needs. A lot of efforts have been dedicated to optimize the structure in an all-round way to achieve the current capacity.

Rigging Onsite

There are altogether three types of rigging systems in Shenzhen World’s exhibition area, i.e., the 16 typical halls and the mega hall, realizing a full-venue coverage.



(Rigging plot of Shenzhen World)


The flexible rigging system of the venue composed of horizontal and vertical gears, rigging rods and rigging nodes can not only accommodate needs of regular use, but also satisfy the looking effects. The 9m by 9m grid can take 2 tons of vertical load and an extended capacity with a free node added to the cross point.

Rigging with the trusses includes rigging points 9 meters to the left and right of the main truss, the lower strings below the truss, the rigging rods and all those on the roof beams. Total capacity stands at 36 tons per roof beam.

Mainly distributed among the roof rods and beams, the rigging capacity is respectively 2 tons and 1 ton, connected to the products through welding or clamping.



(Typical Halls)

Rigging in Conference Rooms

Apart from the exhibition areas, Shenzhen World also boast more than 130 conference rooms that could meet various demand, covering a total area of over 34,000 square meters. Among them, Hall No.18 is a conference center specially designed for various types of events, and it has 22 conference rooms and a North Ballroom. The rigging system is available in many of the conference rooms, and rigging points are arranged in different ways according to the type and purpose of the rooms. The rigging points are distributed at three different heights between 4.7-6.1 meters. The loading capacity of most rigging points is 250 kg, which can easily meet the demand for rigging meeting equipment, such as speakers, projectors, large-scale lightings and banners, allowing the conference room to be used in a flexible and efficient way. 

屏幕快照 2019-11-13 下午6.42.03.png

(South Ballroom)


For ballrooms, there are even more and higher rigging points with greater loading capacity. The South Ballroom located in the South Lobby, with a total area of 3,365 square meters, has 30 rigging points at three heights between 8.7 to 9.5 metesr, and the loading capacity for each point is 2 tons. The North Ballroom located in Hall No.18, with a total area of 6,631 square meters, has 77 evenly-distributed rigging points with a unified height of 13.75 meters and a loading capacity of 1 ton. With a high-standard rigging system, the ballrooms are the best of its kind for hosting large-scale banquets for domestic and foreign affairs. The rigging system converts the halls into a multi-functional space that could accommodate various needs of different events.

In addition, there are also 700 rigging points distributed in the South Lobby, North Lobby, the conference rooms and the public areas in these areas, conference rooms on the second floor, and the public area of Hall No.18. With a loading capacity of 250 kg, they can be used to rig publicity materials, such as advertisements, banners, etc.

Highest standard for the Event Center

For Hall No.20, which is the Event Center for large-scale sports games and concerts, two 50-ton parent systems (independent structures suspended under the roof of the stadium) have been set up in the center and east of the hall.

Large-scale concerts and shows usually use the same set of equipment and decorations for all the performances during its tour. Therefore, the rigging system of the Event Center should be able to meet various and special requirements. The two sets of parent systems in the Event Center of Shenzhen World are built following the highest standard. The rigging points can be adjusted flexibly under a large-span structure, and can meet diversified demands in terms of complicated stage construction, special lighting and audio effects or 360-degree live screen for soccer games or concerts, easily presenting a variety of creative and dazzling stage effects.

屏幕快照 2019-11-13 下午6.42.35.png

One of the highlights of Shenzhen World is the that the parent system is controlled by an advanced computer system. Simply by pressing several buttons, the rigging points can be lifted up or lowered to the ground for rapid installation and dismantling. This will facilitate transition between events, improve the operation efficiency, and will also avoid high-altitude operation and ensure the safety of the staff. At the same time, the system has a load monitoring function, with which the staff can monitor the load of any rigging point via mobile phones or tablet PC. It will prevent overloading or the wear of fireproof coating, thus effectively protecting the roof of the stadium and improving the safety of the equipment.